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The Bentley District Fire Department is comprised of 17 committed volunteers, dedicated to serving our community. Since its establishment, the Bentley Fire Department has continued to preserve the safety and security of community members within its 1000 sq km area district. From fighting fires, to medical emergency responses, and motor vehicle accidents, our volunteers are highly trained and experienced to react and aid in many emergency situations. Training every Monday night as well as some weekends and responding to over 70 emergency calls per year, the Bentley District Fire Department's volunteers devote their lives to helping others.

This past month saw your fire department attend 15 emergencies:

  • At 6:14 on the morning of June 19 ten members were sent to a residence in Bentley where the homeowner had fallen due to a medical issue and could not get back up. The patient was cared for until EMS arrived and was then carefully moved to the ambulance for the trip to hospital.

  • At 5 pm on June 24 crews were alerted to a watercraft in distress on Gull Lake. Three people were stranded on a small vessel which had broken down and would not start. No  one was in medical distress or danger, however a firefighter already on the lake in a boat  found them and kindly towed them to shore at Aspen Beach so they could retrieve their tow vehicle and trailer.

  • Fifteen minutes after this call another call came in, this time a medical assist in Sunbreaker Cove. The homeowner had collapsed inside the house and CPR was being administered by family members. Bentley Fire and EMS arrived in short order and took over for the tiring relatives. The patient was carefully loaded into the waiting ambulance  and two firefighters took over driving duties for the trip into Red Deer while EMS worked in the back.

  • Later that same night fourteen members rushed to Aspen Beach where three teens  were trapped on an inflatable tube which was adrift far from shore and starting to deflate. Lacombe Fire Department was immediately dispatched for Mutual Aid with their boat.  Fortunately, a local fisherman happened to spot them in the growing gloom, the teens  helpfully signalling with their phone flashlights. They were brought to shore by the Good  Samaritan and sent into the BFD Rescue truck to warm up. 

  • The final call of a very long night was at 12:17 am, when 20 weary firefighters were  sent to a rig and trailer on fire on Highway 12A, conveniently less than a kilometre east of the hall. A spark in the engine compartment was causing ignition and flames until the battery cables were disconnected and the fire extinguished. Traffic control measures were set up for the crews' safety while the roadway was cleaned up and RCMP stopped  by the hall to collect information for their investigation.

  • Shortly before 4 pm on June 28 a report of a six-vehicle pileup on Highway #2 was  received by Lacombe Fire, who requested Mutual Aid from Bentley. Crews were stood  down once it was established to be two pickup trucks, each pulling a holiday trailer, with all occupants safely out of their vehicles.

  • At 2:11 pm on July 1 six members were sent to a rural home on Highway #20 where a young patient had been burned spilling a pot of hot soup. The youngster had burns to  the lower extremities and was carefully loaded into the ambulance for the trip to hospital.

  • Later in the afternoon on July 6 eleven firefighters raced to the scene of a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway #12 and RR 28-2, next to the mini golf course. All occupants were safely out of their vehicles and being tended by EMS so the BFD set up traffic control at the busy intersection while Popow's Towing Services did a remarkably speedy vehicle removal in order to open the roadways to the many campers coming in to the area to enjoy their weekend.

  • At 8:08 that same evening thirteen members were called out to a structure fire in Lacombe.  This turned out to be a controlled burn with a permit in place so Bentley was stood down.

  • On July 12 at 7:34 a.m. a call was received of an outside fire in Rimbey. Ponoka County Fire West requested assistance from BFD as a precaution but once they arrived on scene  and the situation was assessed our crews were stood down.

  • Around noon on July 13 seven members responded to a motorhome fire in Bentley. A  small fire in the fridge compartment had spread to the adjacent cabinet and up through the roof. The fire had been partially put out by the owner and after using the thermal imaging  camera to detect hidden hot spots crews smothered the rest with extinguishers and a mixture of foam and water.

  • On July 17 at 1:02 p.m. another Mutual Aid call was received, this time in Eckville's area. Bentley arrived to an outside fire in a crop field which was mostly contained by this time. Crews soaked the perimeter and doused hot spots before being released by Eckville Fire. Special thanks to the Rimbey trucker who refused to slow down and pull over for emergency vehicles with lights and sirens, making our timely arrival much more difficult.

  • At 9:25 p.m. on July 18 crews were alerted to an outside fire at a rural residence on Highway #20 near Rimbey. This was discovered to be a controlled burn with a permit in place and the scene was left in the care of the attending landowner.

  • On July 19 a call came in of a fire at Bentley's Transfer Station, where a spark had ignited the adjacent mowed grass, then travelled to much longer grass in the neighbouring field. Six crews worked to extinguish the fire and thoroughly soak the surrounding areas.

  • And finally, shortly after 6 p.m. on July 20 firefighters were called to an outside fire north on  Highway #20. a passing motorist had apparently called this in on the way by, and it was discovered to be the same residence as the July 18 call. The landowner, with permit, was continuing his  controlled burn and it was left in his care.

We at the Bentley Fire Department are pleased to introduce to you our newest member; Brennen Campbell. Thank you for your commitment to your new community. Brennen, we are happy to have you join us!


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