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The Bentley District Fire Department is comprised of 17 committed volunteers, dedicated to serving our community. Since its establishment, the Bentley Fire Department has continued to preserve the safety and security of community members within its 1000 sq km area district. From fighting fires, to medical emergency responses, and motor vehicle accidents, our volunteers are highly trained and experienced to react and aid in many emergency situations. Training every Monday night as well as some weekends and responding to over 70 emergency calls per year, the Bentley District Fire Department's volunteers devote their lives to helping others.

This past month has been a quiet one with your department being called out to four incidents;

  • At 11:54 am on October 20 members responded to another alarms call at the Bentley Care Centre, much the same as the call investigated a few days earlier. Again the residents were evacuated by staff, the air quality monitored by firefighters and the situation re-investigated. Faulty monitoring equipment was discovered and the call declared a non-emergency. The initial call was a gas leak on a cooking appliance. ATCO Gas isolated the gas to the appliance so it could be repaired at that time.
  • On November 11 at 4:45 pm crews were sent to an outside fire southwest of Bentley. A small pile of brush and debris was burning and no one was on the site upon arrival so firefighters extinguished the fire. The landowner arrived shortly thereafter and the scene was left in his care. Please note that under County of Lacombe Bylaw 1208/15 Bylaw, Section 13.3, "No person shall light an Outdoor Fire, Incinerator Fire, Burning Barrel Fire, Recreation Fire, Smudge Fire or Structural Fire without first taking sufficient precaution to ensure the fire can be kept under control at all times." Also note that only untreated wood, grass, leaves etc. may be burned at any time. 
  • At 12:59 am on November 12 members responded to the scene of a 2 vehicle accident on 50th Avenue in Bentley. Two trucks had collided just outside AG Foods causing quite a bit of damage. All occupants were out of the vehicles and walking and were examined by EMS while firefighters rerouted traffic so RCMP could investigate. The scene was then cleaned of spilled fluids, the trucks loaded and towed and the roadway was reopened.
  • And on November 18 at 11 pm twelve members were sent to a vehicle fire on RR 1-0, just south of Highway #12. A passerby had noticed the flames from the highway, quickly investigated and called 911.  A truck was fully involved and crews used water and quite a bit of foam to extinguish the blaze. Fortunately no one was in the vehicle and the immediate area was searched and RCMP was called in to investigate. Thank you to the witness who helpfully stayed until we arrived and could get information.

Your Fire Department wishes you in our community a safe and Merry Christmas! Enjoy this season with friends and family and we look forward to a wonderful 2017!

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