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The Bentley District Fire Department is comprised of 17 committed volunteers, dedicated to serving our community. Since its establishment, the Bentley Fire Department has continued to preserve the safety and security of community members within its 1000 sq km area district. From fighting fires, to medical emergency responses, and motor vehicle accidents, our volunteers are highly trained and experienced to react and aid in many emergency situations. Training every Monday night as well as some weekends and responding to over 70 emergency calls per year, the Bentley District Fire Department's volunteers devote their lives to helping others.

This past month has been an incredibly quiet one with only two incidents:

  •  At 10:12 am on December 2, five members were called to assist EMS at a rural residence. CPR was being administered to a patient at the home and firefighters took turns alongside the paramedics to try and revive the patient who unfortunately passed away.
  • December 11 at 3:49 pm a call came in of a snowmobiler who had been seen crossing Gull Lake and appeared to have gone through the ice. The concerned witness called 911 and crews from Bentley and Lacombe fire departments, along with RCMP, were dispatched to Sandy Point and Wilson's Beach to pinpoint a location. Initial investigation revealed no sign of the snowmobile. STARS was requested to conduct a search from the air as sunset was fast approaching. Nothing was discovered at that time and darkness had fallen, so the search was continued the next day by Red Deer County Search and Rescue. No one was found and fortunately no people have been reported missing.

This past year has been nearly as busy as last year with the BFD responding to 84 emergencies between December 1, 2015 and December 1, 2016.

   5 Structure Fire                                   2 Gas Leak  

   16 Outside Fire                                  18 Alarms Ringing

   7 Vehicle Fire                                     2 Watercraft in Distress

   8 Mutual Aid                                       1 Ice Rescue                                             

  16 Motor Vehicle Accident                  9 Medical Assist 

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